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Chiles, Flavor Pastes, and Mushrooms

Chiles, Flavor Pastes, and Mushrooms



Ground Ancho Powder                     7oz Jar (7100)             7lb Tub (7358)

Chipotle Powder, Morita                  7oz Jar (7101)             6lb Tub (7359)

Habanero Powder                              7oz Jar (7102)             5lb Tub (7360)

Whole Ancho Chiles                           10oz Tub (7079)

Whole Chipotle Morita Chiles          16oz Tub (7081)

Chipotle Peppers, Whole in Adobo 11oz Can (7374)


Flavor Pastes

Ancho Pepper Flavor Paste                         1lb Tub (7073)                    35lb Pail (7539)

Chipotle Chili Flavor Paste                          1lb Tub (7104)

Roasted Garlic Flavor Paste                        1lb Tub (7098)

Roasted Onion Flavor Paste                        1lb Tub (7074)

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Flavor Paste     1lb Tub (7072)



Morels, Whole, Black                                    8oz Bag (7005)

Porcinis                                                            8oz Bag (7011)

Wild Mix A                                                     8oz Bag (7016)

(Chanterelles, Porcini, Shiitake, & Oyster)

Wild Mix B                                                     8oz Bag (7017)

(Porcini, Whole Shiitake, & Oyster) 

Porcini Powder                                               3oz Jar (7385)


Truffles and Truffle Oils

Truffles, Black Peelings                                7oz Can (7245)

Truffles, Black Whole Winter                    7/16oz Can (7076)

Black Truffle Oil, La Truffiere                     8.45oz Bottle (7084)

White Truffle Oil, La Truffiere                   8.45oz Bottle (7083)