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Kansas City Spices: An Overview

Kansas City Spices is an authorized distributor for R. L. Schreiber, Inc. For over 40 years, R.L. Schreiber has offered the food service industry an original and comprehensive line of food bases, instant consommes, and signature seasonings. We also bring to you a complete line of herbs and spices, a wide variety of gravy and sauce mixes, and a large selection of gourmet culinary items. We will never sacrifice or compromise our QUALITY or FOOD SAFETY standards to achieve a specific price point. This “VALUE” approach is what makes us a valuable partner to you.



           … are SAFE

                – Food safety programs are comprehensive and designed with the best industry practices.

                – Meat and poultry food bases are produced under USDA inspection.

                – Spices and seasoning blends are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

                – All vendors are certified and monitored to ensure that our ingredients are safe and

                  NEVER ADULTERATED.

                – All products are manufactured under HACCP plans and date-coded for traceablity.

                – Coninuing commodity guarantees and nutritional information is available for all products.

                – Rated Superior by AIB (American Institute of Baking)

            … are Convenient

                – ALL meat first food bases offer a 5 to 1 yield. AN INDUSTRY LEADER.

                – Custom spice blending and packaging available to fulfill your specific needs.

                  Custom blending ensures batch to batch consistency of your finished

                  product and saves valuable kitchen labor dollars.

                – A variety of package sizes from portion pack to bulk pack to select from.

                – An expereienced R&D team available to assist you with recipe development.

            … are the BEST Quality

                – Our on-site Quality Assurance team regularly monitors and tests our products

                  to verify that every product we bring to your kitchen is consistent and performs

                  to expectations.

                – Ongoing training ensures our employees are among the best in the industry.