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Our Services

Kansas City Spices offers a distribution service that is more than just a sales rep that write orders, more than a truck driver who just delivers products in a cooler. As a part of our service, we take a detailed interest in your business. Our focus is on fulfilling your needs, not on “making the sale”. At Kansas City Spices, we understand, and as a company believe, that a truly mutually beneficial relationship is on based on collaboration, fairness, and trust. We pledge to treat you fairly, bring you what you need and no more, and partner with you for mutual success.


Our Service


 … is Personal

  • We strive to become experts on your needs and purchasing patterns, and offer you a FULL RANGE OF SERVICES. 
  • Inventory management and product rotation services. We will stock your shelvs and rotate your products for you, if you so desire.


… is Convenient

  • NO MINIMUM ORDERS! You purchase what you need and only what you need.
  • Immediate order fulfillment from a fully stocked delivery vechicle. Your order is filled on the spot!
  • Immediate invoicing. Your invoice is generated as your order is pulled by your distributor.
  • Your invoice always matches the product delivered to your kitchen.

                 — Reducing your standing inventory.

                 — Increasing inventory turn.

                 — Reducing unnecessary drains on your cash flow.

                 — Helping to maintain product freshness

… is Guaranteed

  • Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not happy with your product for any reason please contact Kansas City Spices within 30 days from date of purchase for a full refund or credit.