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Culinary Items

Miscellaneous Culinary Items

We offer a variety of miscellaneous specialty items to enhance any meal and whet any appetite. From capers to liquid smoke, choose from our array of quality products below. Add color. Add flavor. Protect your fruits and vegetables from oxidizing. Call today to set up an appointment and learn about all the different products available to improve your menu.



Capers, Capote– 1 Quart (1022)

Large capers

Capers, Nonpareilles– 1 Quart (1023)

Small capers

Chili Mix– 5.7oz Bag (1432)

Dry spice mix for great chili

Chopped Garlic– 2lb Tub (1064) 30lb Pail (1474)

Chopped garlic in water

Deep Fry Batter Mix– 5lb Bag (1004) 25lb Cube (1005)

Powder; tempura style when mixed with liquid, flaky style when used dry

Egg Shade Yellow– 1 Quart (1052)

Liquid; adds golden color to food

French Onion- L Soup Mix– 1lb Tub (1051)

Powder with dehydrated onions; no MSG added

Gravy Bouquet Seasoning– 1 Quart (1052)

Adds rich, dark color to sauces, gravies, and dishes

Marinade, Rosemary Citrus– 14oz Bag (1427)

A leafy ensemble of herbs, and zest; best to accent poultry, fish, and pork

Pancake and Waffle Mix– 2.5lb Bag (1244) 25lb Cube (1264)


Salad Dressing, Caesar– 12oz Bag (1094)


Salad Dressing, Italian– 8oz Bag (1093)


Salad Dressing, Ranch– 3.2oz Bag (1249)


Shallots, Chopped– 2lb Tub (1084)

Small Cut

Stay Fresh– 2lb Tub (1068)

Powder; protects cut fruits and vegetables from oxidizing

Vanilla, Imitation Clear– 1 Gallon (1243)

Vanilla, Imitation Flavor– 1 Quart (1071) 1 Gallon (1070)

Vanilla, Natural Flavor– 1 Quart (1073) 1 Gallon (1072)

Vanilla, Pure Bourbon Ext.- 1 Quart (1577) 1 Gallon (1576)

Veggie Dip Mix– 1.5lb Tub (3132)

Dry seasoning blend; add to sour cream for excellent dip great in meat loaf and potatoes

Wholly Smoke– 1 Quart (1076) 1 Gallon (1075)

Hickory smoke flavoring